Shoppio App Reviews

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Speechless. I was hesitant to try it out, but deserves a download from every apple user!

Trusted way to buy and sell with great ease!!

This a well-designed tool. Very intuitive. It's brand new and original so it's still collecting users but when it catches on, it will be my new "go to" place to buy, sell, loan or rent. What better way to conduct transactions than from people you know and trust. Plus, this was designed and created by some of the most clever people in the technology and social media industry. These are sharp cookies. So hang on because shoppio is going to blow least I'm hoping because eBay is a little pricy and Craigslist is sketchy and Facebook is not designed for transactions. But add all those together and you get Shoppio.

So Clever

I love this App. Such a clever and powerful idea. Well executed!

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